A journey of growth over 60 years. - SISMA

A journey of growth over 60 years.

Here at SISMA we have been designing and manufacturing high-precision machinery and laser systems since 1961. Our path has been a transversal experience undertaken in mechanics, in software management, and in the development of highly innovative production systems that are able to carry out countless types of processing.


2021 represents a special year for us, full of ambitious intentions and expectations. We’ve developed a solid foundation on which we hope to build upon throughout this year.

To all of our Customers, Collaborators, Employees, Suppliers, Partners: we celebrate our first 60 years, both with you and in great thanks to you.


We are also proud to announce the completion of our new production plant in Via dell’Industria 1 in Piovene Rocchette (VI).

Alongside and integrating to the current SISMA headquarters, this new venue adds an additional 9,400 m2 of production areas, research and development laboratories, offices and common areas. It is an investment aimed at strengthening, modernizing, and expanding our technical, commercial and production capacities to be able to respond more promptly to the challenges that await us.