SISMA vision systems - SISMA

Vision System

SISMA vision systems allow you to access working areas using only a camera and to easily and quickly perform laser marking operations through automatic centering without the need of fixings or jigs.

CVS – Coaxial Vision System

CVS potential makes it usable for any marking work but is particularly suitable for the world of plastic molds, where the need to write or machine that cannot be done with drills is combined with the possibility of subsequent processing of the piece itself.  In the world of coining molds or clichés, CVS provides irreplaceable support due to its ease of centering, especially for round objects.

The system is characterized by:

  • simplicity in centering objects
  • highly accurate (0.02 mm)
  • possibility of subsequent work performed on the piece
  • a simplified and guided procedure for automatic focal mapping (under patent protection)
  • a simple camera calibration procedure completed in 15-30 min without the need of special skills
  • simplified verification and realignment function (with possible correction) between camera and laser (<1 min).



V-RING software allows for laser marking of complex shapes on circular figures otherwise unattainable.

The system works by visually reconstructing the shape of a circular object, allowing for easy centering and subsequent processing. V-RING is an optional module of the SISMA “SLC3” software and requires the presence of the SISMA CVS vision system.

  • allows for circular rings even when irregularly shaped, facilitating work centering along the object’s entire horizontal progression.



The PATTERN MATCHING software automatically recognizes one or more shapes, even simultaneously, and allows for consequent alignment and execution of the laser marking process.

Pattern Matching is an optional module of the SISMA “PRISMA” software and requires the presence of a SISMA CVS system.

  • no particular fixing systems or precision jigs are required
  • allows for automated work on a large number of different parts
  • high recognition accuracy

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