Laser Metal Fusion


Mysint100 is a professional laser 3D printer that exploits the Laser Metal Fusion technology, an additive manufacturing process that uses a 3D CAD file, as a source of digital information, 
and energy, in the form of a high power laser beam, to realize three-dimensional metal objects through the fusion of thin layers of metallic powder.
Mysint100’s patented tilting coater allows a notable reduction of the re-coating time, thus significantly improving the productivity. It’s an open system: each machining parameter and the entire production strategy are fully customizable according to every specific need. The uniform and stable inert gas flow grants the best melting stability while keeping its consumption down to a minimum (patented). Max building volume ⌀100 x h100 mm. 


TECHNICAL DATA - mysint100
Building volume ø100 mm x h100 mm
Laser source Fiber Laser 200 W
Precision optics Quartz F-Theta Lens
Spot laser diameter 55 чm
Typical layer thickness 20 чm - 40 чm (adjustable)
O2 concentration 0,3%
Inert gas Nitrogen, Argon
Inert gas supply ø 6 mm / 2.5 ÷ 5 bar @ 35 L/min
Inert gas consumption <0,3 l/min @ 0,5% O2
Door Standard
Filter unit Fixed
Power supply 220-240 V 1ph - 50/60 Hz
Max power absorbed 1,53 kW
Dimensions 1390 mm x 777 mm x 1600 mm (LxWxH)
Net weight 650 kg
MATERIALS Cobalt Chrome, Precious metals, Bronze, Steel alloys, Nickel alloys, Pure copper, Copper alloys, Titanium, Aluminium alloys
OPTIONAL Door: Glove box, Removable filter unit, O2 concentration: <100ppm, 30 μm laser spot diameter, Removable cylinders, Powder bed monitoring