Superficial aesthetic effects with the laser - SISMA

How do you realise aesthetic effects on surfaces with the laser?

Laser marking can be used to enhance or personalise high-end fashion or watch accessories. Two-dimensional textures or three-dimensional engravings can be easily created.

Aesthetic effects on surfaces with the laser

Aesthetic superficial effects such as perlage, sunburst, Côte de Genève, brushing, sandblasting have traditionally been created mechanically by brushing or scratching. Sisma, on the other hand, has designed and developed a proprietary metal texturing software package called FILL IT, which allows the creation and management of simple but selective vector textures and geometric finishes.

Reflective effects show the best results (marking appears to move when viewed by tilting the sample) when the laser acts as a milling tool: this happens on metals where the laser scratches the surface (on stainless steel) rather than marking it (on gold or silver). Coloured and iridescent effects can also be achieved.

The advantages of this software module are numerous. For example, the possibility of creating new filling effects and, above all, the use of a single machine to carry out an infinite number of aesthetic processes.