Laser engraving of chipbreaker grooves on turning tools - SISMA

Among the countless uses of a laser marker, we have chosen to carry out engraving processing for realize grooves chipbreaker on tools for turning.

The tool insert is placed on an adjustable spherical stand with a magnetic base; the surface to be engraved is placed horizontally.

Thanks to the Coaxial Vision System CVS, the Sisma SLC3 software shows the real image and the exact position of the tool insert.

The engraving design (created in any 3D CAD) is imported and placed on the real image. The CAD project file defines the section, path and dimensions of the groove.


The laser incision is excavated by removing successive layers of material. The perimeter of the layers is automatically calculated by the SLC3 Sisma software.


Depending on the type of material, the laser power, frequency and speed parameters are selected to achieve the optimum excavation quality.


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