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Color laser marking
Colour laser marking is achieved through the controlled ‘growth’ of a metal oxide on the metal surface, stimulated by a laser beam. Different combinations of laser parameters generate different types of oxides, which, by reflecting light differently, produce the colour changes on the areas concerned.

Lasers can form several colors on the surface of few metals, such as stainless steel (SS), titanium, copper, or brass. Their origin, when non iridescent (as to be obtained with fs/ps laser) is to be ascribed to surface oxidation.Colors are defined by the thickness of the oxide layer and/or the nature of the oxidized elements (e.g., Cr, Cu, Zn, Ti).

The precise control of marking parameters such as energy and duration of laser pulses, which must be carefully adjusted and optimised according to the desired colour, is crucial. The only laser that can meet these requirements is the MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) laser, which compared to standard fibre lasers can deliver pulses down to a few nanoseconds in duration.

With this technology, a wide range of vivid, eye-catching colours is achieved.
Some of the possible applications:
• Knife Customization
• Firearm Designs and Personalization
• Product Enhancement
• Company Logos
• Jewelry and Watch Industries
• Electronic Equipment
• Medical Instruments
• Craft Metal Works
• Automotive