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Laser systems find many applications in mold making and molding processes of plastic or metal materials.

One of the most common uses of laser welding is in the repair and maintenance of molds by material filling: it is a semi-automatic process in which the operator’s skill is supported by a very stable, repeatable technology and software functionality that facilitates processing.

In addition, the laser has a very localised thermal impact, therefore minimal, leaving the mechanical characteristics of the material unchanged and minimising post-processing activities.

Different laser systems can also be used for marking and engraving. Marking can be applied to mould identification plates, while engraving opens up the world of effects that can be achieved by creating hollows, textures and 3D machining with specific degrees of finish for production requirements. The use of laser sources with different pulse durations and wavelengths makes it possible to carry out more or less fine and accurate machining by marking a very wide range of materials: from alloys such as steel, aluminium, titanium, copper or brass, to plastics such as PC, PMA, PP or PA.

Find out how SISMA made it easier for people to create laser engravings and textures on punches, electrodes
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Sisma offers an extended range of products, from simpler and compact models such as LM-B for welding on small molds and inserts, to SWT versions dedicated to machining on medium-sized parts, to the SWA series that allows maximum flexibility and ease of use even on large molds.

The laser can be used not only for mold repair and maintenance, but also for repairing parts produced by die casting (again with material input), or for welding mechanical parts in various areas.



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