Laser system and 3D printers for medical sector - SISMA S.p.A.

Innovation that is good for you

SISMA offers an articulated and advanced series of production solutions, specifically studied for the medical and dental sector: integrable laser sources, laser systems for welding, marking and engraving that meet every medical requirement.


Since their inception, laser systems have been a major contributor to the successful creation of all types and sizes of medical devices. From surgical to implanted devices, marking with laser can ensure that parts are identifiable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.


Most medical equipment usually goes through a process of chemical passivation, creating a surface film over the equipment that enhances its inherent corrosion resistance, preventing corrosion while also making it less susceptible to germs. One of the major benefits of medical laser marking technology is that it can mark instruments without causing any harm to the chemical coating. The marked surface retains its corrosion resistance even after being continually used, cleaned and sterilized for years.


Marking of medical equipment is necessary to ensure that the equipment is easily identified and recalled. It is also important for the safety of the patients. Medical devices and equipment often require long alphanumeric strings to be marked on them. A lot of information, including serial number, date and place of manufacture, etc.., is usually marked directly on the equipment.
Thanks to their versatility and ability to process a wide range of materials, lasers can offer up even more cost-effective and innovative processes as medical technologies continue their rapid advance.


Sisma offers also a wide range of laser welding systems for medical device laser welding and laser welding systems for dental sector. Cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, guide wires, catheters, hearing aids, orthodontic appliances, prosthetics and surgical tools are just a few of the many successful medical device applications that have been created with the help of our laser welding systems.


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