Laser marking systems


Compact, stable, equipped with a large working chamber and a 490mm door opening on 3 sides, the 3 axis marking laser BSP allows to work up to a max volume of 300x300x300mm and load pieces up to 20Kg weight.
Its granite structure assures durability, precision and stability in time.
A wide range of Yb laser sources supplied by Sisma can be installed on it.
Together with its coaxial vision system (optional) this marking laser becomes an highly productive and flexible machine.

BSP - 3-axes marking laser

Laser source Yb
Wavelength 1064 nm
Average laser power 20 W
Pulse frequency 1÷500 kHz
Pulse duration 260/40 ns

Max peak power 13/8 kW
Max pulse energy 1/0,21 mJ
Beam quality ≤ 1,6 M²
Spot diamafer (F160) 20 μm
Max marking speed 2000 mm/s
Scanner head MS-10
X axis stroke 300 mm
Y axis stroke 300 mm
Y axis stroke 360 mm
Power supply 230 V±15% 50/60 Hz 1ph 0,8kW
Dimensions (WxDxH)
775 x 1088 x 1800 mm
1500 x 1088 x 1800 mm with monitor support
Weight 500 kg