Night&Day laser marking - SISMA

What is “night & day” laser marking?

As part of the manufacturing process, laser markers can be used to process materials. Surface ablation is a process in which the coating, plating or other surface layer of an element is removed to reveal the underlying material.
This efficient process, commonly known as ‘night and day’ backlighting, is also widely used in the electronic component manufacturing chain.

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Laser marking is accurate, reliable and fast. It is a much more versatile and flexible system than other traditional technologies.
Night&Day Laser Marking is a process that uses lasers to create high-resolution permanent marks that are visible in both daylight and backlit low light conditions.
Day&Night laser marking is used to make buttons and controls (e.g. door locks, window controls, audio system controls, etc.) clearly visible in the automotive, aerospace and instrumentation industries.

Laser marking has become the preferred method for high volume production. It offers an unrivalled combination of speed, operational flexibility and quality.
How is it done?
The process consists of selectively removing the coloured surface layer of the object to be marked along a pre-defined path. This exposes the translucent polymer substrate. The exposed path appears white in daylight conditions. At night it is made visible by an underlying light source (usually an LED).

Our solutions
Various Sisma laser systems are recommended for these day/night effects. These include SART, the high volume marking system.
SISMA offers turnkey solutions consisting of the following
– the marking laser with scanning system
– the marking software;
– An interface with its production control system for process control;
– an integrated vision system for quality assurance and process reliability;
– all this in a class 1 laser workstation capable of providing a complete production process for the manufacturer’s plant.