Dental welding strarter kit - SISMA


Dental welding strarter kit

It is a kit consisting of spools of titanium and cobalt chromium (addition material), titanium bars of standard size and a USB memory, which contains user guides for dental technicians and welding parameters. The kit facilitates those who undertake for the first time the use of a SISMA welder in the dental business, allowing the creation of total and/or partial bars and the repair of various dental components.

The parameters in the USB memory correspond to the default settings of the welding environment depending on specific materials and/or applications. In this way, the user does not have to develop parameters independently or start from scratch looking for the best welding conditions.

  • The user receives a set of parameters already optimized for those specific applications without having to undertake a dedicated internal development activity.
  • It speeds up the refinement process of complex operations by offering a validated starting point.
  • It provides an optimized (validated) and compatible configuration between materials, parameters, applications and welding system.

SISMA dental welding starter kit can be used with the entire range of SISMA LM-D laser welders.

Dental starter kit