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Case study

2D and 3D laser marking, engraving and texturing solutions

Meccanica Tecnica s.r.l. is a leader company in precison mechanical engineering. The company offers contractor service, so it needs to mark or engrave with laser technology in many different situations and areas:

Electronics: quick and small markings.
Medical: markings resistant to many cleanings and sterilazation cycles.
Aerospace: markings that do not alter the characteristics of the material.
Automotive: marking of serial numbers, data plates, backlit components.
Mechanical: endless 2D and 3D marking and engraving applications.
Promotional: fast processing of small batches and single piece.

In these various fields, very different types of engraving and marking are required:

Paint removal
Marking on flat or curved surfaces
Engraving 2D-3D on flat or curved surfaces
• Texture on flat or curved surfaces
Surfaces treatment and color marking

To deal with such diverse situations, including the possibility of working on large objects, the choice fell on Sisma BSS-3D laser marking machine.

It’s an extremely versatile machine with a number of features that have made it a winning choice:
Working area for objects up to 700 x 400 x 380 mm
• Possibility of marking, engraving 2D-3D and micro cutting
• High positioning accuracy and repeatability
• Up to 5 axes machine
• Robot available

Meccanica Tecnica Srl, based in Bastiglia (Modena), has more than 50 years of experience in the field of plastic and die-casting molds, equipments and precision mechanical construction.
An ISO 9001-certified company, it makes use of modern, high-tech machines; it has an established professionalism that enables it to propose sophisticated technical solutions.
It is a recognized reference point for precision machining (EDM, laser welding and marking, micro-drilling, 5-axis CNC milling) and has state-of-the-art 3D printers for metal, plastic and resin.


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