Machine for the production of flat chain, with laser welding - SISMA S.p.A.


Automatic machine for the production of flat chain made by punched links, with laser welding.

The ATR model produces the link by joining 2 half diamond-cut links obtained by punching 2 flat wires and welded by laser. The chain can be single color and dual color: either with alternating color of the links or with half link of one color and half of another color. The diamond cut finish of half of the link may be different from the other half. The machine can produce single or double chain. The mechanical parts are built by special cast iron and steels appropriately treated, while the parts more subject to wear are made of hard metal. The lubrication system reaches all points of greatest friction; collection oil tank and pump are incorporated in the base. The machine is equipped with electronic speed variator with digital indicator. Low voltage lamp.