BSP PICO laser marking machine which uses a picosecond laser source


sisma / Laser systems

BSP PICO is a laser marking and engraving machine which uses a picosecond laser source

Picosecond laser source
This type of source generates pulses lasting only a few picosecond with peak intensities so high that non-linear/multiphoton absorption takes place: the result is a process with a very reduced thermal effect, ideal for performing precise, fluid and clean markings without the need to rework the pieces.

Compact system
BSP PICO has a compact and solid structure thanks to the granite working plane, that guarantees excellent process stability for pieces up to 20 kg in weight. The base structure includes 3 motorized axes with 50 µm precision of movement, stroke on the plane of 300 x 300 mm and an amplitude along the Z axis of 360 mm.

Advanced software
Entirely developed by SISMA, the integrated software is the ideal solution for managing files and the entire marking process, even in the case of complex jobs: allowing you to fully exploit all the potential of BSP PICO, it guarantees a high degree of customization to speed up and simplify the operator’s work.