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Bollino novitàModo, universal systems for laser processes

The MODO system offers an unprecedented range of configuration and is customizable according to specific needs.

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Sizes The best ratio between overall machine dimensions and working chamber dimensions.

Size S: 980 mm x 1460 mm x 2050 mm Worktop: 690 x 770 mm Size M: 1300 mm x 1460 mm x 2050 mm Worktop: 1000 x 770 mm

Available processes & sources

MODO MARK: 2D & 3D Marking – Remote Cutting – Engraving CO2 – MOPA – UV

MODO WELD: UV Remote Welding – Easy Welding Fiber QCW – Fiber CW

Axes MODO can be configured in the following variants: cartesian axes with free choice from 1 to 5 axes; with industrial anthropomorphic robot.

Access to the working chamber Access to the working chamber on three sides with a maximum opening of 580 mm. The door is available: manual version locked during the process; automatic electric with safety bumper.

User interface

Programming console with single or double monitor Ergonomic solution for standing or semi-sitting positions that allows the creation of projects directly on the machine. You can add a second monitor to expand the programming area.

Touch Console Compact touch-screen to manage the entire system in a simple way using ready-made projects or projects that require minimal precise calibrations.

Virtual Window Screen that emulates the internal viewing window with elements of augmented reality that guarantee a high level of safety regardless of the power of the installed laser.

Applications MODO