SAF/T, Machine for assembling blanking or laser-cut components


SAF/T, Automatic machine for assembling blanking or laser-cut components.

The link junction is formed and welded on the machine with our proven S2 system, which allows welding different material and fineness.
The problem of the connecting links has now been completely and satisfactorily solved thanks to this new machine that has been specifically designed to provide an answer to productivity and assembly issues. The link, available in different shapes, is obtained through a forced forming process thereby assuring a high quality standard.

CE version.

1. The metal sheet is stamped or laser cut step by step also with more than one design per time.
2. The prepared metal sheet is fed into the SAF/T machine where the cut items are joined one by one by means of a link which is welded on the machine.
3. The metal sheet with all the joined cut items assembled by the SAF/T is finished on its sides to obtain the final products.