SB/R, machine for production of crimped balls on chains named ROSARY.


SB/R, Automatic machine for the production of crimped balls on chains named ROSARY.

The balls are produced in various shapes, round, oval, satellite and crimped to the chain with variable pitch and freely programmable as desired, allowing countless attractive combinations for the chains.
The balls are obtained starting from a sheet which, passing through a round drawing die, forms a tube with a chain inside. Various types of chain can be used (Cable, Venetian, Curb etc.) with a diameter ranging from 0.80 to 2.30 mm. The tube with size ranging from 2.50 mm to 5.00 mm with the chain inside, passes through a couple of suitably shaped matrices forming the ball that is crimped to the chain. A welded tube with the chain inside can also be used directly. The distance between the individual balls is obtained by a mechanical plier that blocks the ball and feeds it at a preset distance, thanks to an accurate movement given by a stepper motor.
The machine is provided with a software specifically designed to arrange the balls at different distances, forming chains with different patterns in terms of the number of balls and the distance between them. Programming occurs through a simple and user-friendly touch screen display, used for setting the parameters necessary for the construction of the Rosary chain.
The machine is equipped with forced lubrication, electronic programmer, 2 electronic winders, the flat wire unwinder, an insulating cover, and the low voltage lamp.
Optional: chain feeder for pitch > 28 mm