SGW/TP, high speed right and left threading for side-cut cable chains


SGW/TP, Machine with high speed right and left threading for side-cut cable chains.

Automatic machine with high production capacity for cable chains with side-cut at a speed of 350 links per minute. This new version stands out for the threading that occurs once on the right and once on the left, thus avoiding the use of the chain collecting plate. The cable chain with side-cut is particularly suitable for combining with Bismark machines with several rows, avoiding powder welding, which is necessary with traditional chains, thus hugely benefitting fineness guarantee, regularity of the chain pitch and savings on the production cycle. By simply changing some parts, it can be adapted to process wires up to a maximum size of 0.4 mm. The machine is equipped with the height-adjustable cutting unit, the chain density sensor, the electronic speed regulator with brake, the electronic wire tensioner, and service lamp.