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TRA/V – TRA/VP, Automatic chain compacting machine

High production automatic chain compacting machine. The compactness of the chains results in a better density thus allowing to achieve particularly soft and flexible round or square sections. It also allows a nearly double chain width after hammering, superior flexibility and soft touch. At the same time it allows the use of tools in the chain making machines designed for longer proportions, which makes the chain linking easier. In the TRA/VP version, it is possible to compact chains up to a diameter of 1.00 and, with the appropriate tool holder blocks, it allows to compact the single cable chains. The TRA/VC version allows to block the chain in order to compact it both using a spring and by means of a cam, thus ensuring to fit tools both for TRA/V and for TRA/VP. The machine is equipped with the chain movement control sensor, the electronic speed regulator with brake and the lamp.

Enhanced version TRA/VP
Enhanced version with TRA/VC cam