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Patented Tilting Coater 

Metal 3D printing with powder-bed based technologies involves the addition of material through unidirectional or bidirectional coating systems, “coaters”.

The “tilting coater” patented by SISMA, supplied with every 3D printer of the MYSINT line, rotates upwards before returning to the powder collection position, thus avoiding any contact with the building surface and with the powder in the supply cylinder.

The consequences, of this simple but intelligent system, include the reduction of coating time and the reduction of the number of sensitive components put in motion, thus increasing productivity and accuracy in the process.

Open system
Each machining parameter and the entire production strategy are fully customizable according to every specific need.
Melt pool monitoring
The “Melt Pool Monitoring” system available for MYSINT 200 completes the list of software tools offered for process monitoring and analysis for metal 3D printing. In addition to the standard “Condition Monitoring” and the optional “Power Bed Monitoring”, our machines can now be equipped with “Melt Pool Monitoring”. The solution is based on monitoring, in real-time, the process, using two IR diodes for each laser source, and semi-transparent mirrors (beam splitters). This allows the software to analyze the melt pool, measuring the incidence of the build parameters, and detecting any defects during the print. The melt pool monitoring system allows users to speed up the development of new build parameters. By comparing the data from benchmark parts or previously accepted print jobs it replaces the need to complete additional destructive metallurgical tests on the printed parts (required for specific applications such as medical or aerospace).