What is laser marking? 2D and 3D engraving, blackening, texturing, de-metallization, filling, colored marking - SISMA

What is it all about?
The concept of laser marking can be described as the apposition of a permanent mark on a material, precisely through the use of a laser. The process can be utilized in different ways to produce a variety of  results. This  method has many advantages, making it ideal across many production sectors.

When it comes to marking, the spectrum of laser processes that can be performed using the SISMA product portfolio ranges from 2D and 3D engraving, to blackening, texturing, de-metallization, filling, in addition to the various aesthetic effects of surface processing  including up to colored marking on surfaces such as stainless steel 316 and 304 or titanium.

More in details 
The laser marking takes place without contact, so it does not generate abrasion damage to the material or create undesirable effects near the processing area. The process does not work by removing material, but only by producing a color change on its surface. These color changes, which generate permanent marks, are qualitatively flawless, incredibly precise, very resistant and easily readable by machines and the human eye.

This process can be performed on many materials, including metals and plastics, which makes it particularly interesting for industries that can utilize it for a wide variety of applications. Laser marking can also be scaled to varying shapes and sizes, even down to extremely small values, while maintaining unaltered legibility.

As already mentioned, a further advantage of laser marking is that it can be used  to obtain different results. For example, many SISMA laser configurations can perform cutting and engraving in addition to marking. A multifunctional approach that allows huge savings on time and cost.

Finally, it is a safe process, which is environmentally friendly and uses a low quantity of consumables. In fact laser marking does not use chemicals or inks making the cleaning that is typically required in more traditional marking methods totally unnecessary.

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