New Products



Sisma introduces MySint 100, a revolutionary machinery for Laser Metal Fusion of precious and non precious metal powders. This innovative process avoids all the extended and laborious traditional phases like investment casting, with direct creation of finished prototype / piece of jewellery and accessories. Sisma MySint 100 dramatically reduces prototyping times and cancels geographical limitations: design and production can take place in different locations. Mysint 100 needs just a 3D STL file. This technology is suitable for gold, silver, bronze and platinum powders. Offering maximum flexibility, selective laser melting brakes all technical and aesthetic barriers involved in the traditional goldsmiths process: no more limits for designers' imagination. Another amazing feature is the opportunity to create prototypes including moving parts. Among the many benefits of MySint there's even a high environmental compatibility : Sisma's sintering stands out for its low power consumption.