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Sisma Dental

Sisma Dental

Innovation, maximum precision and know-how make up the formula that marks the presence of Sisma on the world market. These foundations are at the basis of Sisma high-tech machinery for the dental sector, which can count on a vast and cutting-edge range of products, complete with:

  • LM-D table-top Laser, for welding
  • MYSINT100 - Laser Metal Fusion

Every Sisma product results from meeting customer needs, with special focus on the creation of economic advantages in terms of productivity. Customers and their satisfaction are the point around which revolves our company's R&D activity, our precious consultancy during the sales stage and our efficient after-sale service.

Our constant commitment toward innovation, investments in operations facilities and the periodical launching of new products are proof of a growing trend which has accompanied Sisma for more than fifty years, underlining the reliability of its extremely high-tech production of machinery.



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